Rwanda 13 30


‘Juicy’ is the best word we can use to describe our Rwanda 13 30 roast. With bold sweetness that’s like simple syrup, clean citrus and berry tones, and an elegant floral overlay, it’s clear from the outset that our single origin Rwanda is a cut above all others. Smelling the ground coffee, you’re hit with a smell of sugar cane juice, a sweetness that achieves a floral pitch, and you start to get a sense of the clear fruited notes that will invariably accent the cup.

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Cultivars Bourbon
Processing Method Wet Process (Washed)
Size Grade A1
Q Grade 90.7
Elevation 1900 Meters+
Harvest Date October 2017
Roast Date The Day You Place Your Order
Region Nyamasheke

Our single origin Rwanda comes from a twin washing station operation in the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda’s Western Province. A handful of local farmers hand-pick heirloom bourbon coffee trees above 1900 meters. The ripe coffee cherries are then wet-processed and slow dried for maximum flavor retention.

The initial aroma has an underlying honey sweetness, not the density of honey itself, but like tea sweetened with honey, along with a spiced orange smell that reminds me of orange marmalade. Once the cup cools enough to drink it, a lovely citrus-like brightness is apparent from the get go, like pink grapefruit, which is complementary to the citrus accents that come into play as the temp dips further. A light honey note accents the cup, and a pervasive yet simple raw sugar sweetness stays with you from start to finish.

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12 oz, 1.5 oz sample


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