Kenya Yara AB

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Our prized Kenya Yara AB has an exciting bright taste with a heavy body and medium finish. We light roast the beans to highlight the rich notes of Papaya, Caramel, Grape, Melon, and Pineapple. Smelling the ground coffee, you’re hit with a smell of tropical fruit and a carmely sweetness, with some floral and spice hints.

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Cultivars Traditional SL 28
Processing Method Wet Process (Washed)
Size Grade AB
Q Grade 90
Elevation 1630 Meters+
Harvest Date October
Roast Date The Day You Place Your Order
Region Kiambu

Our single origin Kenya Yara AB comes from a small-scale washing station operation in Kiambu County. A handful of local farmers hand-pick coffee cherries trees above 1900 meters. The ripe coffee cherries are then wet-processed and slow dried for maximum flavor retention.

The station sits on the slopes of the Aberdare range, surrounded by several small coffee lots which abundantly grow in rich red volcanic soils rich in organic matter at 1,630 meters ASL.

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12 oz, 1.5 oz sample

1 review for Kenya Yara AB

  1. Patrick Scott

    Fantastic roast, here! Crafted to a complexity, from nose to taste, leading you on a trip enduring long after each sip.

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