Reviver Coffee is Charlotte’s first and only small-batch fluid bed coffee roastery.

We start with direct-trade specialty coffee beans that have been graded 85 points or higher by a certified coffee tester (SCAA).

Our fluid bed coffee roasters then force hot air through electric heating elements into small batches, perfectly roasting each bean in a suspended ‘fluid bed’.

Our process differs significantly from most drum roasting operations, which toss their beans in large metal drums using gas combustion for heat. Our roasters virtually eliminate the carcinogenic chemicals that coffee absorbs in drum roasters from burning chaff and natural gas fumes.

Fluid-Bed roasting only allows small quantities of coffee to be roasted at a time, making it much more labor-intensive, but we believe the clean taste and purity of our coffee is well worth the extra effort.


Light Roast

Juicy – Sweet – Bright

Medium Roast

Fruity – Chocolaty – Balanced

Dark Roast

Cocoa – Dried Fruit – Bold


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