Sweet chocolate is the first phrase that comes to mind when you take your first sip of our Medium Roast Ethiopia.

Heirloom bourbon varietal coffee trees are hand-picked in the Ethiopian mountains, giving this coffee an intense fruitiness and bold chocolate flavor.

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Cultivars Heirloom Varieties
Processing Method Wet Process (Washed)
Size Grade A1
Q Grade 89.3
Elevation 1700 Meters+
Harvest Date August 2017
Roast Date The Day You Place Your Order
Region Harrar

Dense sweetness, and balanced bittersweet cocoa tones with big fruited notes, dark stone fruit, and berry, along with roasted cacao nib and sweet cedar smoke accent.

This medium roast is great for brewed coffee and unique espresso applications. A zap of fresh squeezed lemon kicks in at the first sip, making way for layers of raw sugar sweetness and thick, syrupy dark chocolate goodness.

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12 oz, 1.5 oz sample


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